I’m Lydia,

an Integrative Health Practitioner with big dreams. I strive to make conscious decisions that nourish my body– the vehicle that allows me to wander– and choices that honor the beautiful planet on which we live. While navigating this human experience, I constantly remind myself to operate from places of inclusion, gratitude, forgiveness, presence, and love.

My mission is to help others navigate this world of conflicted interests and take ownership of their health so that the collective can be in accordance with their own purposes that extend beyond our physical bodies and elevate the entire world


I help people transition to a plant-based diet, reach their ideal weight, have more energy, heal skin issues, and so much more. To learn about the possibilities when working with me, head here. Together we will consider your symptoms as indicators of underlying issues and get to the bottom of them. We can connect the dots between any nutritional deficiencies and toxicity. With private coaching from me, and a personalized wellness protocol that addresses supplementation, detoxification, meal reconstruction, and lifestyle modification, you can achieve optimal health and live the life of your dreams.