How full is your rain barrel?

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If you’ve landed here, you may have experienced a symptom like fatigue, anxiety, skin issues, joint pain, weight gain, headaches, or something of the like. Have you ever considered that your body could be overloaded with toxins? My teacher, Dr. Stephen Cabral, explains how our total body burden is communicated to us through symptoms using a simple analogy. He describes this as the “The Rain Barrel Effect”, which details how we get sick, age, gain weight, and lose our vitality.

The Rain Barrel Effect, page 115

The Rain Barrel Effect, page 115

Imagine a rain barrel, a bucket used to catch water runoff from the gutters when it rains. No one pays attention to it until it begins to overflow. Of course, then, the barrel is emptied so it can continue functioning as it’s intended to. The same theory applies to our bodies. We accumulate toxins overtime, never emptying our barrel, noticing only when our overflow is revealed through symptoms that, if you have enough of them, may be classified as a “disease”.

There are tens of thousands of man-made chemicals in our environment that our bodies are not designed to filter out. Pesticides, paint fumes, synthetic fragrance, plastics, flame retardants, exhaust fumes, fluoride, phthalates… the list goes on. DDT, a chemical that has been banned for over 30 years, is still found in our tissues, and even in the umbilical cords of newborn babies. Many components of our lifestyles like sleep, hormone balance, and gut health can also play a huge role in contributing to our rain barrels– which is why it’s so important that every system in our body is humming along.

When these natural and synthetic toxins float around in our blood they must be disposed of. This then takes energy, the proper nutrients, rest, and a well-functioning liver to filter out the harmful substances. The problem is that as the years pass, we accumulate more and more toxins and our bodies begin to run low on certain reserves. Our bodies begin to lose the internal battle and our rain barrel begins to fill up faster.
— Dr. Stephen Cabral, The Rain Barrel Effect, page 114

There is only so much our detoxification systems can handle before they are harmed. When our bodies cannot process a toxin, it is tucked away somewhere like our adipose (fat) tissue in an attempt to protect internal organs, like the liver and kidneys, continuing to accumulate thereafter. Over time, these toxins can cause (or may already be causing) serious health issues. Symptoms are warning signs from your body, and it is crucial for your health that you listen and take action. 

Disease is not your destiny. “But Lydia, so and so disease runs in my family…” Well, my friend, I’m here with good news. Your genes only really matter when your rain barrel fills up and your body is out of balance; and I am here to guide you in this detoxification and rebalancing process. First, let’s uncover just how full your rain barrel is. Are you ready?

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